So it's that time of year again and the rumors are starting to form about the cast of this season's DWTS (stars and pros). I have a feeling that we will be seeing Sharna again not only because of her being one of the newest pros, also because lots of people have reacted to her journey with her last star: Andy Dick. Amazing man! Here are two of their dances together on DWTS: Jazz and Viennese Waltz! Here are some stars who we think should be paired up with Sharna for DWTS Season 17!

#1. Hugh Jackman

So Hugh Jackman has been on Sharna's "Dream Partner" list for quite a while now, and I think: Why not? He hasn't been on the show before and he's Australian! I agree with Sharna, an Aussie/Aussie combo would be AWESOME! Yes, he may have some performing arts background but, look at Zendaya, she had a dance background and they let her on the show. I think they would make a great pair!

#2. Bradley Cooper

Another man on Sharna's "Dream Partner" list is Bradley Cooper. He recently starred in "Silver Linings Playbook". You know, if they're looking for a good looking star, then they don't have to look any further than him! Sharna has good taste!

#3. Ross Lynch

So on almost every season of DWTS, there's always the Disney star from Zendaya on this season, to Kyle Massey on season 11 and Chelsea Kane on season 12. Well if they need another Disney star, Ross Lynch would be perfect! He stars in the Disney Channel show "Austin and Ally", tours with his family band R5, oh and did we mention that he's cousins with Derek and Julianne Hough? He's got DWTS in his blood!

Tell us your thoughts in the comments down below or in our DWTS 17 Partner Survey and as the new season approaches, we will be adding stars to the list!

-Emily :)

*UPDATE* 08/09/2013

According to , Eddie Fox from the TV show "Survivor" is rumored to be on the next season of DWTS.  Eddie recently tweeted saying: "Almost ready for dancing with the stars LOL! Now only if I could dance... -_-" Now we don't know if this is true but, PureDWTS says that if Eddie is in fact on the show, he should be partnered up with Sharna and I couldn't agree more! Read the full PureDWTS article here!

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